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Enrichment Programs from Our Community-Based Organization

All you have to do is read or listen to the news to know that the world is full of inequities. Everyone does not have access to quality education, healthcare, housing, and business opportunities. Although many local, state, and federal lawmakers make concerted efforts to improve conditions, their works fall short for many reasons. Our community-based organization takes a proactive approach to improve conditions for the needy.

Community issues will not resolve themselves overnight or from one week to the next. We believe that individuals in communities have to take the initiative in the effort to improve conditions. To help make a difference in people’s lives, we promote the idea of unity that includes all races and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Creating opportunities for people of all ages is a major part of our work. With educational programs, financial literacy seminars, healthy lifestyle sessions, and more, we provide communities with information that they can use to enhance skills and lay the groundwork for area success.

We also address inequality in the criminal justice and legal systems by promoting diversity and equal justice. Reach out to our community-building organization for additional information about how you can get involved with the effort to transform your community.

Our Mission

Our team is committed to making a difference in our community. We aim to achieve our mission by:
  • Promoting unity between everyone in the human race, regardless of skin color or socioeconomic background.
  • Enhancing the lives of individuals from underserved and undervalued communities.
  • Mending police-community relations, especially with the people from majority African-American communities.
  • Creating legislation that helps to protect citizens, including the passing of the stalled anti-lynching law, known as the Emmett Till Law.

How We're Helping

Success starts with an opportunity, and so, we've worked diligently to create a wide range of opportunities for people of all ages. Trust us for:
  • Educational Programs about the Law & Constitution
  • Introductions to STEM Careers
  • After-School Activities
  • Coding Classes
  • Financial Literacy Seminars
  • General Tutoring Sessions
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • HVAC Certification Information Sessions
  • CDL Information Sessions
  • Healthy Lifestyle Information Sessions
  • Re-entry Program for people with Prior Convictions

Call today and be part of our nonprofit community-building organization, or you can help us through donations to support our cause in promoting diversity and equal justice, nationwide.

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Call now to join our cause and make our country a better place.

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Marcus Polo Taylor

About Us

Our founder, Marcus Polo Taylor, was moved to create F.O.R.C.E (Families Organized for the Rights of Citizen Equality) after the horrific and mysterious death of his brother, Mikey Taylor, in 1987. As a nonprofit organization, we partner with local municipalities, law enforcement personnel, parks and recreation departments, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America here in Indianapolis, Indiana. As we reach more people, we look to spread our message of unity across the country and across the world.

Community Empowerment Champion dedicated to the betterment of people in underserved communities. Interested in gaining support & resources from other like minded philanthropist and business owners to help lessen the divide in the underserved and marginalized communities. Interested in partnering with law enforcement & municipalities, school boards, colleges/ universities and other organizations that serve these communities.

I am also interested in sharing my initiatives with other business professionals and Business Leaders that have similar goals. My mission is to serve, mentor, educate, and empower in my community and other underserved communities alike.

What is your mission, how will you contribute, what are you willing to sacrifice? Please fill out the contact form if interested in providing resources or volunteering. Click here

Mikey's Story


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